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Real Solutions to Common Challenges

You asked for it, and we listened. CEI Seminars are brief, focused workshops to solve your most challenging problems. No gimmicks, no complex systems. Just straightforward, manageable tips and solutions. Each seminar includes six weeks of lessons and tips, plus two more months to review seminar materials and download resources. Not to mention two one-on-one coaching calls with Susan!

Groups are limited to 15 people.
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Brainstorming: Beyond the Basics
Start dates: Dec 27, Jan 24 or Feb 21 (choose one)

Learn how to get student ideas on paper paper without feeling like you’re pulling teeth. We’ll discuss a range of brainstorming techniques for various types of essays, dig deep into the concept of “student voice,” and demonstrate how to help young people recognize their own best ideas. We will also talk about how to align student, parent and professional expectations to make the most of the essay-writing process. Includes multiple strategies and writing exercises to address the most common student roadblocks, including poor writing skills, learning challenges and procrastination. Register below.

Essay Reviews with Less Stress
Start dates: Jan 3, Jan 31 or Feb 28 (choose one)

It should never take more than 30 minutes to review a student essay if you know what to look for and what to set aside. In this seminar, you will learn how to create guidelines and templates to simplify your review process so you can comment on content first, followed by structure and then polish. You’ll learn to clarify content issues up front, which can make all the difference later in the process. We will also discuss polishing essays without going too far, along with how to prepare students to respectfully deal with well-meaning adults who may not always offer the best advice. Register below.

Boot Camps and Group Workshops
Start dates: Jan 10, Feb 7 or Mar 7 (choose one)

Learn how to run an effective, 1, 2 or 3-hour workshop, to teach students how to transform their experiences into compelling stories that will help them catch the attention of admissions counselors. We’ll talk about how to use Wow’s curriculum to kick off the essay-writing process or as a stand-alone workshop, in schools, in independent counseling situations or with nonprofits. Focusing on those elements of the essay process that work in a group setting, the comprehensive leader’s guide and participant worksheets will help you prepare your students to tell their stories in their own voices, and to do so as clearly and effectively as possible. Register below.

Planning and Process
Start date: On-demand, Susan will send start-up details

Do you find yourself repeating the same advice over and over? Are you buried in essay edits late in the season? Are well-meaning parents undermining your work? Get some relief! I’ll help you evaluate your current process and plan for the future so you can manage more clients (with less stress) and keep your students on track. Register below.

Letters of Rec that Tell a Story
Start date: On-demand, Susan will send start-up details

Are you overwhelmed writing letters of recommendations for dozens of students? Don’t spend the summer under water! Learn how to write recommendations that are heartfelt, genuine and honest, in much less time per student. You’ll be calmer come fall, with more energy for other important issues.  Register below.

How does it work?

  • Six-week Timeframe: Each seminar lasts for six weeks, but the schedule during that time is entirely flexible. You’ll have access to all seminar materials during that time.
  • Webinars, tip sheets and simple assignments: We’ll kick off with a 30-minute recorded webinar, where I’ll provide an overview of the topic and answer your questions. The next six weeks will be full of regular posts on relevant topics, plus additional webinars, tip sheets and questions.
  • One-on-one Coaching: You’ll complete a targeted evaluation so we can assess your needs and discuss how to make the most of your current tools and process, while integrating some new approaches – tailored just for you. Then we’ll schedule a phone or video call to discuss next steps.
  • Post-seminar Followup: Once you’ve tried implementing new strategies, stay in touch. Let me know what works, what doesn’t, and what you’ve learned. We’ll schedule a second call to help you make changes and improvements.

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You’ll get six weeks of lessons and tips, plus two more months to review seminar materials and download resources. Not to mention two one-on-one coaching calls with Susan! Sign up now, then take your time.
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