New Training Opportunities

What happened to your College Essay Institute Seminars?

For 2020, we’re streamlining our training. For groups, we’ll still be offering our free monthly Pro Chats, but we will not be running group brainstorming and essay review workshops until after counselors and IECs have completed the College Essay Experience program. While group workshops have been quite popular, the questions we receive afterward indicate to us that the training is incomplete.
  • Without solid pre-work, essay reviews continue to be challenging.
  • Without a streamlined essay review process, the best brainstorming in the world doesn’t take one very far.

Once they have written an essay and experienced the connection between pre-work, content development and essay reviews, the light bulb goes off for our clients, and they tend to know which aspect of the process they really need more help with.

We will still be offering our College Essay Boot Camps curriculum and seminar, in a slightly different format starting in the spring. That seminar teaches participants how to run a group workshop for students. If you’re interested in this option, let us know.