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We work well with counselors and consultants because we all care about the same thing: helping students get into the schools of their dreams. We focus exclusively on the essay – you’re already an expert on the rest of the admission process. We’re writers, teachers and problem-solvers; we’ll work with you to find the right solutions for you and your students. Tell us what you need. We’ll figure out how to get there.

The Wow Method

Last Update: January 10, 2023

Wow's 10 step college essay writing process, displayed in a color-coded graphic.

Parents: How to Read Your Child’s Essay

Last Update: April 26, 2024

We send this email to parents after their child has completed the Common App personal statement. It provides guidelines so the parent can provide meaningful, encouraging feedback.

Parents: How to Help Without Taking Over

Last Update: March 31, 2022

Our suggestions for parents, to help well-meaning adults support their children without overstepping.

Free Pro Chats

Join us for an upcoming FREE webinar! We meet once a month to discuss a variety of college essay issues. Wow CEO Susan Knoppow will answer your questions and share tips to help you support your students through the college essay-writing process.

Free Book

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We’ve written the only college essay book you’ll need – short, practical and full of proven strategies, so you can help students write the types of essays college admissions officers want to read.

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Wow’s Professional Training is Game-Changing

“At first, essays were the thing I worried about the most. It wasn’t until the Wow training that it all clicked. I feel like a burden has been lifted.”

- Faith Stewart, Bellingham, Washington

College Essay Community

Year-Round: Share Ideas, Solve Problems and Dig Into Best Practices

If you like our free Pro Chats, you’ll love the College Essay Community. The first week of each month, we announce a timely topic and share reflection questions and resources. At the end of the month, we gather on Zoom for a lively meeting, facilitated by Wow’s founders, to talk, reflect and challenge ourselves. All materials are available for a full year, and all meetings are recorded.

Did You Know Wow Can Work with Your Students?

College Essay Jumpstart

Get the Best of Wow: A Wow Coach Can Work with Your Students

At Wow, we emphasize process in everything we do. Our writing schedules are legendary. Our ten steps get proven results. With Jumpstart, a Wow coach will guide your students as they write their Common App personal statements and learn all they need to know to continue working with you on supplements and other writing tasks.