Why Write Your Own College Essay?

Last Friday, we asked a group of high school students during a college planning workshop at Eastern Michigan University why it was important to write their own college essays.

“Integrity,” said Angela, a high school junior from Inkster. While it was not the answer we were expecting (we usually hear, “so colleges can know who you are”), we were pleasantly surprised.

Wow had been invited to EMU to present College Essay Myths and Facts for the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling’s Camp College, a free program for high school students from underrepresented and underserved populations.

No matter where we speak, or who is present, Wow emphasizes the importance of expressing yourself using your own words and your own voice.

Our presentation covers why colleges want essays from students, how students can stand out with a great essay and why parents should let teens write their own stories.  We generally don’t delve into values like integrity; We were impressed by Angela’s depth and thought her answer was perfect.

Students, consider this: If your parent, teacher, college coach, sibling, friend or other relative writes your story for you, it won’t sound like you, and college admissions counselors will know it is not yours. But equally important, it will diminish your integrity.  Who would want that?

Wow Writing Workshop kicks off college admission season on June 20 with a Wow them With Your College Essay workshop.. Check our schedule for more classes throughout the summer.

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