Wrap Up College Essays and Enjoy Thanksgiving!

By Kim Lifton
Wow Writing Workshop

ThanksgivingAre college essays stressing you out? Is the computer screen still blank? Do the essays look messy?

We don’t want the journey to college to ruin Thanksgiving. So here are some tips to help you master the college essay, arguably the most daunting task of the application process.

“There’s a misconception about what we do inside the admissions office,” Johns Hopkins University’s Senior Associate Director of Admissions Calvin Wise explained during a Wow Writing Workshop webinar, Hands Off That Essay! How to Help Without Overdoing It. “We are trying to predict future potential. We need to dig deeper where the essay comes into play. That’s where we find out more about the student.”

Wise (and every admissions officer we’ve ever asked) says he can always tell when college essays are over-edited or written by someone else.

“They don’t shine through the process as well because we’re not hearing their voice,” Wise added. “The essay is a students’ opportunity to speak directly to the admissions office, and we want to hear a 17-year-old’s voice.

Students can have vision and ideas, but they need to be willing to be surprised and open to ending up somewhere they didn’t expect. Parents and professionals, you need to let yourself be surprised, too.

If you are a parent or other adult reading a student’s essay, ask yourself:

  • What is the real goal?
  • Am I too invested in the beautiful essay?
  • What are the schools looking for?

If you are a student, make sure your readers know what you are trying to accomplish. For more insight, watch our webinar with Calvin Wise, Hands Off That Essay.

Last minute help available! Regular admission deadlines are just around the corner. Wow can take the task off your plate. Whether you have already started your writing process or need to begin, Wow Writing Workshop can help you tell your story so you’ll get noticed!