Applying Early Action to the University of Michigan?

Pause before clicking SEND!

The early action deadline for the University of Michigan and some other top schools is Monday, Nov. 1. We know you are anxious to make the deadline, but please don’t click that send button  until you have carefully proofed your Common Application and supplemental materials, including your essays.

If you complete your application by Nov. 1, you are guaranteed a decision (admit, defer or deny) by Dec. 23. A small typo doesn’t mean you won’t be admitted, but why risk it?

Best advice: if you finish Sunday night, save it, then read it again in the morning one last time before you submit the application.

Here are some quick tips for proofing your essays:

  • Do not depend on spell check; just because a word is spelled correctly does not mean you chose the correct word.
  • Make sure you use the same verb tense throughout.
  • Get the name of the school right; don’t refer to Kalamazoo College in your U of M essay.
  • Ask someone else to read the essays with a fresh eye – your mom, your brother or a friend.
  • Contact us if you want a professional writer to give it one last read.

Good luck on your college application journey.