Are You Ready for College?

Good news about college readiness.  More than ever, parents, teachers and educators believe it is important to be ready for college, a new poll shows.

What does it mean to be college-ready?  That’s just what a recent study examined, as reported by Education Week:  About 93 percent of secondary school parents, 85 percent of secondary teachers, and 80 percent of business executives said graduating each and every student from high school ready for college should be a priority, according to the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Preparing Students for College and Careers conducted by Harris Interactive last fall.

And what about students’ studies preparing them for higher education?  Nearly all English (99 percent) and math (92 percent) teachers rate the ability to write clearly and persuasively as absolutely essential or very important.

In other findings, students are increasingly expecting to go to college:  Today, 75%, compared to 67% in 1997 and 57% in 1988 said it was very likely they would go.

Read the Education Week blog for a complete summary.  And  check out the original study for a wealth of facts and figures on college readiness.