Resources for Everything from Test Prep to College Apps

Have you started the college search?  Are you suffering from website overload?  Don’t know where to turn?  You’ve come to the right place.  What follows is Wow Writing Workshop’s one-stop shop for many of the resources you need.

Test Prep
How many questions are there on the ACT test, and how much time does the test take?  Can I send my writing test score without my multiple choice score? How soon can I view my scores?  Will my ACT score be considered as criteria for my scholarship applications? For everything you need to know about the test, has you covered.

Visit the College Board website for all you need to know about the SAT.  For example, they offer free practice tests, advice on taking the SAT Subject Tests, and helpful info—did you know the easier questions on the test are usually at the beginning of a group of questions?

The College Search
A feature of the College Board, College Search offers two ways to find what you need.  Either enter your criteria (location, cost, sports, etc.) and it generates matches, or simply research a school you already have in mind—with thousands to choose from.

Colleges That Change Lives, Inc. (CTCL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.  Their mission is based on the belief that students and parents should be open-minded when it comes to the college search—it’s about the best fit, not things like the perceived prestige of a school.

Applying to College
The Common Application is used by hundreds of member institutions which evaluate students on a “holistic” basis.  It’s an easy (or should we say less time consuming) way to apply to a number of colleges.

The Choice is one of Wow’s favorite blogs.  Jacques Steinberg is an author and writer for The New York Times, reporting several times a week on all aspects of the college admissions game.