Is Choosing a College the Most Important Decision of Your Life?

By now, most seniors know where they will attend college in the fall; some are still tugging their hair and biting nails waiting for final decisions from the schools where they are wait listed before making final decisions.

We thought this fabulous Choice blog, written by a high school senior who agonized about making his final decision, might help those who are waiting  put the admissions game into perspective. This honest portrayal of the agonizing process might also offer insight to juniors who are about to enter the grueling college admissions game.

Here’s our favorite story from this blog: The student met a woman in a restaurant while visiting a college. She provided some advice that helped him make his final decision.

“She told me that although I thought choosing a college was the most important decision of my life, it really wasn’t. It was just the next phase,” he wrote. “At the end of our conversation, she said something that I will always remember: “Life is all about choices. Don’t go back, just go forward.”

Well said.  What are your thoughts about this blog?