6 Super Summer Strategies for Rising Seniors

By Julie Tschirhart
Marketing Associate

Summer StrategiesSummer before senior year can be stressful for rising seniors who have college on the brain. To help you stay calm, and get the job done, we’ve put together some tips taken from last month’s webinar: Super Summer Strategies.

The webinar featured two national college admissions experts, Patrick O’Connor, Associate Dean of College Counseling at Cranbrook Kingswood School in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and former president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, and Rebecca Joseph, professor of education at California State University, Los Angeles, and founder of the All College Application Essays app. Susan Knoppow, Wow Writing Workshop CEO, moderated the panel and provided insight into the college essay.

Here are 6 Tips:

  1. Be yourself. Embrace who you are and pick activities that make sense. Don’t spend too much time worrying about how you are going to appear to colleges. It’s really important to be genuine in your choices for summer.
  2. Be easy on the pocketbook. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a leadership program or summer service trip to bolster your college application. Do something that reflects an authentic interest. Consider a summer job or producing a film with friends. And have fun! Make sure to recharge your batteries by going to the beach, and hanging out with friends.
  3. Reflect. Summer is a great time to start digging deep and reflecting on who you are. That will help you begin the process for writing your college application essays. WowWritingWorkshop.com can teach you how to stand out inside the admissions office with a stellar story about yourself.
  4. Research colleges. Do your homework, and identify the qualities you are looking for in a college; do you want big or small, rural or urban, private or public? What programs interest you? Do you like sports? Summer is quiet on college campuses, and is a great time to visit or reach out to the admissions office with questions.
  5. Begin your college essays. You don’t have to know just yet what the topic of your essay will be, but you should start thinking about what you want colleges to know about you that they wouldn’t otherwise know from your application package. Are you a hard worker? Are you passionate about something? What are your best qualities? What have you learned? Why does it matter?
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