College Essay Myths and Facts

Writing a college essay should not be a mystery. We’ll discuss myths and facts of the college essay on Tuesday, Oct. 5, at the Farmington Public Library and Thursday, Oct. 7, at the Huntington Woods Public Library.

Here’s a preview:

Myth: A college essay has to be written about an impressive topic.
Fact: The essay is a story about you.

Myth: Your essay should sound sophisticated, like Hemingway or a college professor.
Fact: It has to be written in your voice.

Myth: There is a formula for writing a proper essay.
Fact: There is a process for essay writing; your essay will grow out of the process of writing it.

Myth: Admissions officers will  never know if a parent, tutor or college coach has “helped” a student with the essay.
Fact: They know, and they don’t like it.

Myth: Only superstar students will impress admissions officers with their essays.
Fact: Anyone can stand out with a strong essay.

Please join us. For times and addresses click here.