Know Your Audience!

Amherst College

Before you sit down to write a college admissions essay,  answer this question: Do you know your audience?

Your audience is not Mom or Dad or your high school English teacher; it’s a college admissions officer whose job includes reading piles of essays every day. Will yours stand out?

We spend a lot of time in our essay-writing workshops discussing what we know about college admissions officers; with that audience in mind, we encourage students to write their essays in their own words, and in their own voices.

We also encourage them to research schools before they apply. It is important to understand why a school is a top choice, and whether it truly is a good match.

Consider Amherst, a respected East Coast liberal arts college featured in a recent National Public Radio story about the admissions process. Amherst is looking for students who share the school’s commitment to intellectual passion. But  applicants don’t always get it. In the NPR piece, admissions staff explain that students who come across as genuine and different are the only ones accepted at Amherst. There is a lot of competition, and the essay counts.

At Wow Writing Workshop, we’re all about writing. Call us if you need help with an essay or if you just want a better handle on the admissions process. Your audience can tell if you have them in mind.