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MSU Listed as a Top 10 College for Video Game Design Studies

Hey there, high school students: Do you spend hours each night playing X-box and Wii? Are you first in line at the store the day a new video game is unveiled? Read more

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Using the newest Facebook updates for fan pages, we’ve added several links to pages containing information on colleges; we uploaded a few specific sites for information about admissions.

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College Essay is More Important than Ever

A just released survey of independent college consultants confirms the college essay is more important than you may know. This year the college essay moved up to the Independent Educational Consultant’s Association’s Top 10 list of what colleges are really looking for in applicants. Read more

Yes, We Do Write Our Own Essays

The following essay was published March 24, 2010 in the Jewish News.

Passover kitchen leads to lessons, camaraderie

By Susan Knoppow

Tonight my 9-year-old son learned to separate eggs — crack the shell, then pass the yolk back and forth between the halves as the white drips into a bowl below. His brother squeezed lemon juice; their sister measured sugar.

Eggs, lemon, sugar, all whisked together into lemon curd to fill macaroon pie shells. Along with the sponge cake and brownies, we’ll eat the pie for dessert at our seder. Read more